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                                Stop wasting valuable time and money it takes you to process your credit card transactions using other systems like QuickBooks or by using a credit card swipe machine. Eliminate manual data entry and follow up on declined credit cards with ease. Make the switch to ServiceCEO Office Edition's Integrated Credit Card Processing - one of the most time- and cost-saving, error-reducing features from WorkWave™.

                                cc processing benefits

                                We've negotiated LOW RATES and FREE SETUP for ServiceCEO Office Edition customers. Contact us for a FREE RATE COMPARISON or complete our "no obligation" application to get started today!

                                Save Time 
                                Every customer account in ServiceCEO holds the customer's credit card number so you only have to enter it once and the credit card processing system automatically pulls that number each time a charge is required. Also, the processing system is quick. A single charge takes less than 20 seconds and you can process all cards at once in less then 60 seconds.

                                Save Money 
                                By processing in ServiceCEO you will benefit from substantial transaction savings over other processors. Apply today and we will run a true comparison between our rates and your current rates. 

                                Eliminate Errors 
                                Reduces errors as the charge amount is passed directly to the credit card processor with no manual intervention. No more reading reports and miss-keying entries, no unhappy customers that find they were incorrectly charged.

                                Reduce Clutter 
                                No more paper receipts. All transactions will be handled through your computer running ServiceCEO. And you can get rid of that separate credit card terminal and printer.

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                                Fill out our "no obligation" application and get started today!

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